fruit and vegetable cleaning, purifying and disinfecting machine makes your life healthier

Pesticide residues, hormones, and bacteria on fruits and vegetables, as well as viruses on food, are major health and safety concerns. According to national statistics, approximately 200,000 people in China suffer from food poisoning annually due to consuming contaminated food with pesticide residues, accounting for nearly one-third of all food poisoning cases. Additionally, the intake of certain pesticides, hormones, and bacteria can have adverse effects on multiple systems in the body, posing significant health risks.


To combat these “dangerous sources” in food, there are efficient and safe methods for pesticide residue, hormone, and bacteria removal. One such method is the use of a fruit and vegetable cleaning machine. These machines can quickly purify pesticides, hormones, and bacteria from fruits, vegetables, and seafood, ensuring that every bite is clean and healthy.

In real life, people have a clear awareness of the removal of pesticide residues, bacteria, and hormones from food, but have not found effective solutions. Therefore, they continue to come into contact with these “dangerous sources” daily. In particular, the practice of soaking fruits and vegetables in water to remove pesticides is ineffective, as prolonged soaking can actually cause pesticides to be reabsorbed by the food, making it dirtier.


Fruit and vegetable cleaning machines have become popular home appliances in recent years. There are many brands and types available on the market, employing various purification methods such as ultrasound cleaning, ozone sterilization, and hydroxyl purification. This product recommended in this article is a food purifier from Wuhan Chuangzhi Yicheng Technology Co., Ltd. It combines ultrasound and active oxygen purification technologies for multiple purifications in one machine, providing more efficient cleaning and purification of food ingredients. The active oxygen interaction and ultrasound cleaning techniques utilized by this product can effectively remove impurities hidden in complex structures of food, without the reattachment of viruses, bacteria, and hormones during the interaction process, truly achieving the removal of pesticide residues, bacteria, and hormones without the use of chemicals.

The food purifier from Wuhan Chuangzhi Yicheng Technology Co., Ltd. is made of safe and non-toxic ABS food-grade materials and employs active oxygen interaction purification technology and ultrasound cleaning technology. By using water as the medium, it creates a directed transmission of sound waves. Through the vibration of ultrasound, it can penetrate deeper into the food, removing impurities hidden in complex structures. During the interaction process, it ensures that viruses, bacteria, and hormones are not reattached to the food, achieving the true removal of pesticide residues, bacteria, and hormones without the use of chemicals, providing a safer and healthier diet for family members.

As a fruit and vegetable cleaning machine used by family members, our product is designed to be simple and easy to operate. With a user-friendly button interface, even elderly and children can easily operate it. Before cooking, simply place fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, and other ingredients into the source food purifier, fill it with clean water, and select the corresponding cleaning mode to enjoy healthy and ingredients effortlessly. This simple, convenient, and healthy lifestyle is truly a healthy and stylish lifestyle.

In simplicity, we seek health, and with technology, we embrace a new way of life. Experience the convenience and benefits of a healthy lifestyle with our fruit and vegetable cleaning machine.

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